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Aerial Video | Videovibe

VideoVibe-Logo-286 Videovibe provides aerial video and photography services for low to medium level imagery. We are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry out Aerial Work from ground level to 400ft. We carry out video & photography flights for a variety of purposes.

  • Building inspections and land surveys
  • Marketing videos
  • Wedding & Event photography
  • Real estate photography


What is CAA certification?

The CAA are the authorised body responsible for governing the UK airspace. When anything leaves the ground, outside in flight, it comes under their control. In order to be authorised, Videovibe has carried out professional theory and practical training in flight management, and health and safety.

Can you fly anywhere?

No. For any project, we will assess the project to ensure it is as risk free as possible, both to people and property. We won’t fly through a group of the general public. We won’t fly over your hose, unless we are sure that nearby risks have been minimised. We will carry out a series of detailed assessments and checks before undertaking any flight to make sure our assets, and your, and your neighbour’s property and safety are secure.

What does it cost?

A typical day’s shoot will include preparation of required paperwork, and assessment of the flight area. Preparation of the camera, and aircraft, and associated, and safety equipment are also necessary. Then arrival at the location, and checking the area is safe, as well as briefing any observers who are assisting. The flying time will be dependent on the particular project. The aircraft can remain airborne for approximately 25 minutes, with up to 3 flights available before batteries need charging. For this service charges start at £500 per day. If the video / images require editing, then we will quote for this separately.

Are there privacy concerns with aerial drones?

The laws governing privacy are the same for any service. People are entitled to expect privacy in places where they normally have privacy. So, if we are flying near to neighbouring properties, we will notify property owners of the intention to fly. We will not take intrusive images or video, and if any is captured by accident, this will not be passed to the client or published, and deleted permanently.

Can you fly in any conditions?

Weather will be the primary factor. High winds, or rain mean no flying, and any job will be postponed or cancelled. In addition, on arrival at site, if there are risks which put the equipment, people, livestock or property at risk, the flight may be postponed or cancelled.